information about david's photography and the techniques used

All black and white photographs are made using film and traditional photographic techniques.

Large format and Ultra large format cameras

Large format and Ultra Large Format view cameras were used for most of the photographs. These cameras are characterized by bellows, a tripod and the photographer working under a darkcloth, These seemingly anachronistic cameras require the photographer to slow down, are cumbersome and challenging to use. In return they offer tonality, detail and resolution unmatched by lesser camera formats.

The Print

Film formats (sizes) are described in each portfolio page. With larger negatives, "contact printing" is possible, which means the print comes in direct contact with the negative and no detail is lost in enlargement. A sense of "presence" is often seen and felt in these finely crafted photographs.

To see these photographs up close is a whole new experience. The Dalai Lama photographs for instance were made using 20x24 inch film and at life size the sense of presence in these photographs is extraordinary. The web simply cannot convey the beauty.

Colour photographs

Colour images were made using large format film cameras with large sheets of transparency film - images have been scanned directly from the film.

Specific details about each photograph are available in the portfolio pages - if you would like more specific information please ask, just email david.